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From 19th July 2021, following the easing of government restrictions, we will still be requiring clients to wear either a face mask or a face covering during their appointments. We are a close contact therapy and this is the best way to continue to protect each other in this next phase of the pandemic.

Sports + Remedial to Deep Tissue massage to Soft Tissue Therapy all will be available of course. Remote/virtual (I.E. telephone or Zoom etc)  appointments can still be booked if you prefer to discuss any soft tissue issues you may have just contact us in the usual way on the contact form. In addition to this we can suggest and advise you on good exercises to do and for exercise progressions to aid your recovery.  Our Covid-19 clinic protocol  will remain this  here . Please take a look and familiarise yourself with what will happen again when we are all back. The most obvious message is please do not come if you have any symptoms or have been contacted by Track and Trace and told to isolate.

As we said, If you have injured yourself during this period or would like any advice regarding any ongoing musculoskeletal issues such as for the shoulder/ knee/ back/ ankle etc please email us via the contact form or call us on the contact numbers and we will assist you in any way possible.

Please stay safe, still keep physical distance from each other when you can, still protect all vulnerable groups and look after each other by continuing to wear a mask in confined spaces.


Back or Neck Ache? Shoulders or Knees troubling you?

Are you experiencing Neck or Back ache? Do you have sore Shoulders, have Knees/Hips that hurt or have a Tendinopathy issue?



Each treatment will be a mixture of

Sports Massage  A direct, targeted type of massage including Muscle Energy Technique (MET), along with other types of stretching and Kinesio-Taping

Remedial Massage (Clinical Massage). The same as Sports Massage except that it is used on non sports people.

Deep Tissue Massage A more general type of massage based on Swedish Massage but applied more deeply. It includes Frictions and  Fascial work.

Shoulder Rehabilitation  We also work with all types of shoulder problems from painful shoulders to frozen or unstable shoulders.

Soft Tissue Therapy This uses a mixture of every type of Massage and Stretching Technique along with Exercise Prescription to improve the client’s Muscles, Fascia, Tendons, and Ligaments (Soft Tissues) .

Treatments are designed to optimize your movement, relieve any discomfort, speed up your recovery from injury and to improve your general body awareness. This combination will help to allow you to return to whatever it is that you love to do!

Please see the Services sections for more details on all of our treatments.


Quality Sports and Remedial Massage for All People!

Over the years we have worked with everyone from Pop Stars to Office Workers to Landscape Gardeners with a lot of Dancers, Children, the University Tennis Team, the Elderly (Current oldest client is 99) and Pregnant Ladies (even working with a lady one week past her due date!).

The demands our bodies experience due to modern lifestyles make Massage and Soft Tissue Therapy excellent tools for everyone to help minimize discomfort, keep us training, to help fight the effects of aging or simply to cope with life’s challenges.

Whether these stresses are self-imposed, such as a fun runner training for a marathon, or externally imposed by long hours sitting in our workplaces, Target Massage is available to all.

Increasingly we find ourselves doing more to help educate clients about their bodies. Often this is to dispel their fears created from the many half truths or poorly delivered messages that they have been told in the past. Nearly always this will help us to encourage them to start moving more freely again and without fear.


We are based in Cambridge and in London

Target Massage was set up for clients who want to KNOW they are getting a good soft tissue treatment with plenty of aftercare and advice including some simple targeted exercises to help you improve yourself at home. We have a wealth of experience working with Professional Dancers and working closely alongside Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and Podiatrists in Clinics in Cambridge/London. From Sportsmen/women to people from all walks of life and ages, Target Massage has seen them all.

Previous Projects

Charlie was the sole therapist for the UK leg of Kylie’s 2018 Golden Tour and on the European leg of Kylie’s Aphrodite Les Folies Tour working on 18 performers, band, crew and artist herself. At the end of 2019 Charlie worked with members of the band Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (OMD) and Wayne Sleep during their performances at the Cambridge Corn Exchange and Cambridge Arts Centre.

Charlie has worked with the Cambridge University Blues Tennis Team and has worked on the Brighton Half Marathon 2014 working on the runners before and after the run. He has also worked on cyclists for a Wiggle cycle event at Newmarket racecourse. Charlie has worked extensively with Professional Dancers, he has worked as a therapist for the dancers on the X-Factor 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 Live tours.


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