Life on a (Kylie) tour

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Last year I was lucky enough to work as a therapist on Kylie Minogue’s Golden tour in the UK. I worked on a package of dates starting right at the…
Hyperkyphosis and Upper Crossed Syndrome

Hyperkyphosis and Posture

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Hyperkyphosis is described as being an increase in the normal thoracic curve at the back of chest along with protracted scapulae and a head forward posture. Like Hyperlordosis described in…
Charity runners at the Brighton Half Mararthon

Running Information Sources

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One of my good friends said to me when i was unsure of whether to go onto Twitter that “you can use it intelligently to make yourself more informed” as…
Good Posture and Lumbar Hyperlordosis

Hyperlordosis and Posture

Hyperlordosis is commonly described as an increase in the normal lordotic lumbar curve leading to an increased anterior tilt and hip flexion. First of all to I will explain a…