Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage features in most other types of massage to some degree and includes the deeper, high strength techniques that  work right into the muscles in order to break down any fibrous adhesions or scar tissue.

This type of massage is a powerful technique and rewarding for the client who can really feel that good work is happening within their bodies. They can feel deep seated tensions being removed both during the treatment and in the hours afterwards.

Deep Tissue Massage being performed

These techniques include:


Working in a small, localized area, across the fibres with strong pressure to release muscle tension.


Percussive strokes made by rapidly striking the skin, used mainly on the larger muscle groups to work deeply within them. Generally this technique is used more on men as they tend to have heavier set muscled bodies.

Trigger Point Therapy

Using fairly high and sustained pressure to work on tense points (Trigger Points) within muscles which can help the whole muscle release. These points are often similar to the Acupressure points detailed in Traditional Chinese Massage.

Myofascial Release

A stretching technique that helps release tension found within the bodies’ Fascia so reducing pain. The Fascia is the connective tissue surrounding every muscle, bone, organ and nerve and is found throughout the body from head to toe.

Deep Tissue techniques are used to tackle particular physical or muscular problems that are often chronic in nature. For this reason it is not the most relaxing from of massage, but is very beneficial and effective.

Deep Tissue Massage is available in Cambridge and in South London at Clapham.

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