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The client-therapist relationship is very important to us and has a huge role to play in the therapeutic environment both to the success of treatments and with the speed of the improvement. For this reason each treatment is tailored to the individual client, as no two people are the same! This means that each person’s treatment is different and subsequent treatments will also change and evolve as progress is made. Each treatment will be a mixture of Sports Massage, Remedial Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Connective Tissue and Swedish Massage along with different types of Stretching. This is designed to optimize movement, help the client to become more body aware in order to relieve discomfort and so promote relaxation.
The Shoulder Rehabilitation Clinic treatments are primarily Physio treatments where the client, after their initial assessment, is guided through a graded exercise program of increasing intensity which generally last between 12 and 16 weeks. Of course there is still some soft tissue work within them!

All these Massage Services are available In Cambridge and in South London at Clapham.

Sports Massage being performed

This is a direct, targeted type of massage, which will be applied to a specific area of the body to facilitate the activity of the sportsman, aid in recovery from a sporting activity or to help treat an injury.

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Deep Tissue Massage being performed

Deep Tissue Massage features in most other types of massage to some degree and includes the deeper, high strength techniques that work right into the muscles in order to break down any fibrous adhesions or scar tissue.

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Remedial Massage being performed

Remedial Massage uses the same techniques as Sports Massage, but is applied to non-sports people. It helps them to recover from injuries picked up in everyday life, be it from tripping over on ice, over a kerb, or from overworking in the garden. Remedial Massage also looks more at the overall postural problems that a client might have that contribute to niggling pains or injuries and starts to redress these.

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Shoulder rehabilitation exercise

We work a lot with clients with all types of shoulder problems. These range from painful/ weak shoulders (Including Rotator cuff and Tendon issues) to stiff/ frozen shoulders (including shoulders with Osteoarthritis, OA) to unstable shoulders (including dislocated shoulders). We test and determine what the particular problem is for the client and then build bespoke shoulder rehabilitation programs for them. These are primarily Physio programs where we guide the client through a 12-16 week graded exercise program of increasing intensity until the problem is resolved! Please see our testimonial section for client views on some of the results.

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Clinic Protocol for SARS-Cov-2/ Covid19

These protocols are to help you feel comfortable when receiving treatment. They are designed to protect you,  to protect us AND to protect other clients.

On a personal note to begin with, I completed a degree in Virology before becoming a Sports Massage Therapist.  Who knew that it would become so relevant for this career!  As a consequence I am extremely aware of viral transmissions (probably more than most other clinicians) and everything below is to maximise your safety and minimise any risk so that we can get on with reducing your pain and physical discomfort.

Please DO NOT come to clinic if you have a temperature (of 37.5 C or above) or any symptoms as we will not be able to see youThis also includes if you share a household with anyone suspected, or confirmed, to have COVID-19, or if you have been alerted by the NHS App Or Track and Trace.  Symptoms for Delta can include a Headache, a Running Nose, Tiredness and a Temperature (if you are unvaccinated). Loss of smell/ taste, or metallic taste in mouth are less common with the Delta varient. A “tickly throat”, a racing pulse, tightness in the chest or an upset stomach are possible.  These are in addition to a dry cough (less common with Delta varient), sweating and other breathing symptoms.

Please inform us as soon as you can to cancel, or change, your booking as soon as you start to feel any symptoms.  This will also include if you have been informed by the NHS app to self isolate even if you currently have no symptoms.


-We will wear a disposable FFP2 mask (changed every 4 hours) and we will use a single use face cradle covering (when the table has a face cradle).

-We will provide you with ANTIVIRAL 70% alcohol gel for your hands upon arrival in the clinic room and again before you leave the clinic room.

-There will be only couch roll on top of the table (no comfy toweling one unfortunately). We will use one towel per client.  The cushion is a medical grade wipe clean cushion with no fabric covering to worry about.

-Between clients we will have 15 min break to clean all couch surfaces, face cradle, massage bolsters, room handles, chairs, screens and bags with ANTIVIRAL 70% alcohol gel (not antibacterial which are not as effective).

-The room will be ventilated between clients.  Clinic windows will remain open if possible during your treatment if you are comfortable with that. This is because current guidelines state that most air-conditioning units (unless they vent directly to the outside) and fans cannot be used.

-We will isolate ourselves or temporarily close should either ourselves, or one of our clients show symptoms/ test positive for Covid19, for 14 days.


-You will be asked to use any reception areas in a socially distanced way, until your therapist comes out to bring you in. You will generally be asked to pay before your treatment via either a contact-less card or bank transfer. If you do pay via cash a separate envelope will be provided for you to put the money into. If you see someone in the process of paying please wait for them to finish and leave before approaching the reception desk.

-Please come unaccompanied to the clinic. If you require a chaperone please phone us to discuss how this will be organised.

-Please bring your own pen so that you can sign the consent forms using it.

-Please bring your own bottle of water as clinics will not be providing water machines at this time.

-Please try not to bring too many bags or other items into the clinic environment.

-Before any treatment can begin we will ask you four questions:

  1. Have you felt ill or had any symptoms in last 14 days
  2. Have you had contact with a person with symptoms in last 14 days? Have you been alerted by the NHS app?
  3. Have you been abroad within the last 14 days?
  4. Your current temperature will be taken, with an infra red thermometer reading of the forehead and noted in your notes along with the temperature of the therapist. If your temperature is 37.5C or higher you will not be seen.  Whilst we are aware that this will not screen out asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic cases it will screen out people who are developing symptoms or people who  “think that they are OK”.

– We will require you to wear a face covering or mask.  This can be a fabric mask like the one you would wear for sub 2 metre situations on public transport etc. If you do not have a mask one will be provided for a fee of £1. At this time we will be unable to treat you unless you too are wearing a mask.

If you have been seen at multiple clinic locations in the past it is totally up to you which location you would like to be seen in. We want you to feel safe and comfortable so it’s no problem at all if you have a specific clinic preference.

If you are a Home Visit client we will speak first to go over a protocol for us to visit your house and how to access the room where the treatment will occur. This will cover how we enter and exist your house, the room to be used, closing off that room from the rest of your house and turning off air-conditioning etc.

We know this is a ‘new normal’ and we want to work together to ensure everyone is safe and comfortable whilst we navigate our way through this time.

I’d like to offer my sincere thanks to all my wonderful clients who have continued to support me by coming for treatments throughout this pandemic so far. We’re doing it folks, getting through this and staying healthy!

Charlie Pollington at Target Massage


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