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Radio Interviews on Knees, Shoulders, Running etc

Last year whilst promoting a new residency at a new Cambridge clinic I sent out thousands of flyers to help drum up new business. One thing I never could have guessed before doing this was that it would lead me into not one, but two radio station studios to talk about me and Target Massage! This is because the area around the new clinic contains a number of radio presenters who got my flyer and then invited me into their shows, so lucky me!

On one of the stations I ended up doing a whole series of informatory type interviews about a number of different topics around the body. So I have decided to list them all in this blog so that if anyone is interested they can skip to the relevant track in the player.

The Interviews live on a player on my About page and you just scroll down the page to find it after my background information.

Track 1. This is my interview on BBC radio Cambridgeshire. This one is a more general interview about me and the sort of work I have had, especially on music tours, with Target Massage.

Tweet from BBC radio Cambridgeshire

Tweet from Jeremy Sallis, BBC radio Cambridgeshire presenter












All the tracks after this are from the series that I have done with Cambridge 105FM

Track 2. This is all about the Knees, how it works (it’s biomechanics and how it takes the most stress of any joint in the body), common problems and what to strengthen to protect them from knee pain

Track 3. Is all about the Shoulders, what an amazing joint it is but how it’s great range of movement (ROM) also has a trade off in terms of it’s stability and the potential problems of shoulder pain arising from that.

Track 4. This is on Running and what to think about if you are thinking of taking up running. This includes pointers on running biomechanics.

Track 5. This interview talks about Lifting Heavy Objects both in a gym and at home. Key point here being that you should move heavy objects at home in the same way as you would in a gym.

Track 6. This Interview is giving you pointers on what to think about when you are taking up a new sport. Particularly pertinent for the post Christmas rush to get fit!

Track 7. This track is about Dancing, both professionally and as a keen amateur.

Track 8. This Interview is about Work Place Issues and how the work place affects the body. In Cambridge this includes the problems arising from home working and using a laptop as your main computer!

Track 9. This is the first Cambridge 105FM which was a general one about me and the work on music tours that I have done with Target Massage.

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