Testimonials and Projects

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Charlie, I just wanted to thank you for helping me get through those shows when my body was tired or hurting from my Bicep injury. I really appreciate and respect your work. You are amazing at what you do and a great energy to have around. I hope we cross paths again.

Willy Gomez

Dancer/Aerialist on Kylie Minogue's 2011 'Aphrodite' Tour

As a professional dancer I have toured the world with many famous artists and experienced hundreds of therapists over the years. I am very picky with whom I would recommend to work on my peers or me. Charlie Pollington is one I would recommend time and time again. While on tour with Kylie Minogue I was a dancer and aerialist with a gruelling schedule and an exhausting show Charlie treated us above and beyond expectation. From making sure we were hydrated and keeping up on our electrolyte intake to being ready mid-show to work on us when we needed it (and we did!) to his intuitive massage, I was always on top of my game thanks to him. I cannot say enough good things about this man.

Zac Brazenas

Dancer/Aerialist on Kylie Minogue's 2011 'Aphrodite' Tour

I was recommended to have treatment with Charlie from my Osteopath, he has made a tremendous difference to my general way of life as I have so much more movement without pain and I can now enjoy playing golf again. I would highly recommend him!

Linda Lakey

Retired Hairdresser

It is rare that a show gives you the opportunity to perform both aerial and dance. However, these elements definitely are hard on the body and I experienced a lot of shoulder and neck problems. Charlie was extremely patient and attentive to my needs. Unlike many other therapists, he actually took the time to educate me on what was happening, work on my pain as well as show me exercises to prevent future injury. But most of all, he is amazing at what he does and always made me feel comfortable.

Melissa Garcia

Dancer/Aerialist on Kylie Minogue's 2011 'Aphrodite' Tour

Charlie is marvellous; he combines a deep knowledge and understanding of the body with a strong desire to make you well again. After spending years in pain with a shoulder condition, unable even to put on my coat without wincing, thinking that I’d just have to put up with it, or be doomed to invasive surgery, I visited Charlie who created a programme of remedial exercises for me. I’m now at the gym, wearing boxing gloves and punching hard! All thanks to Charlie.

Jane Macmillan

PA at Ernst & Young

I refuse to grow old gracefully and am wedded to some challenging exercise classes. It was probably a combination of these that led to a shoulder injury affecting my right arm. It developed over a period of months, just as a slight niggle to start with but went on to became painful enough for me not to be able to move my arm effectively. Dressing became painful and I changed the way I did things. Physician heal thyself? Well, not this one. I didn’t learn enough about shoulder injuries in medical school to understand what was required to fix the problem. This is where Charlie comes in. He took me through a 3-month program of staged arm exercises. We met every month, and Charlie provided a written timetable of exercises to follow and complete so that I stayed on track. Within a few weeks my shoulder was improving and it is now fully recovered. He was incredibly upbeat and supportive throughout the program. At the start, I wondered if I would ever really recover the full function of my arm but I am really delighted to have done so. I would recommend Charlie to anyone. Thank you!

Sharon Peacock

Academic Clinician

For many many years I have suffered from lower back pain and during this time I have been to everything from Osteopaths to Acupuncturists and anything else in between and not one person has given me lasting relief. I started seeing Charlie in November 2010 and within a couple of weeks I could see a huge difference and within a month the pain had gone. 6 months later I am still totally pain free and can now move about like never before. I certainly have no hesitation in recommending Charlie to everyone and am very grateful for what he has done for me.

Beverley Croker

Retired company secretary

I would recommend Charlie to anyone. He puts you at so much ease from the get go and is a knowledgeable and experienced professional who takes pride in his work. I will always be thankful for the time and work he has put into helping me overcome a year long shoulder issue!

Toby Starling

22 year old MSc graduate

I came to see Charlie with the latest in a series of ongoing problems with my right shoulder, which not only intruded on my daily life, but also prevented me taking part in my sport of choice; archery. Charlie quickly diagnosed the problem and gave me a rehab program, together with monthly treatments. Three months later I was feeling better than I had in a long time and was cleared to start shooting again. When I came to see Charlie I couldn’t draw even my lightest bow without significant pain. Just over a month after the treatment finished I was able to shoot with my medium weight bow. I’m working my way steadily back to my former standard and will start competing again in June. I cannot Recommend Charlie highly enough. Without his help I wouldn’t be able to take part in the sport I love

John Kearney

Keen Amateur Archer

As a flute teacher, a shoulder injury was a bit of a disaster. After referral from my GP, a torn rotator cuff was diagnosed and an operation planned. A musician friend who had a similar problem recommended Charlie and after a three month program my shoulder is so much better that I am going to cancel the op. Charlie is extremely knowledgeable and always explained the purpose of the various exercises which kept me motivated and determined to follow the program religiously. I am back to playing the flute without pain for which I am very grateful. Thank you Charlie!

Lyn Welland

Flute Teacher

Charlie Pollington is without doubt the finest practitioner that I have had the pleasure to deal with. His quick, accurate diagnosis and aftercare advice had me back behind the drum kit quicker than I could have hoped. With Target Massage the treatment and advice I receive is of the highest standard.

Matt Racher

Drummer on Kylie X Tour 2008

Charlie is outstanding. After nearly a year of not being able to play properly (woodwind instruments especially the flute and also the harp and piano) following a shoulder injury, I went to see Charlie- “follow my plan for 12 weeks and i’ll have you fixed” he said. And he did! But in addition to getting the job done and ‘fixing me’ I was immensely impressed with his thoroughness and dedication to the task. On each visit he not only assessed progress to date but constantly checked that nothing else was developing or emerging as we followed my custom program. He was thorough, expert, reassuring, immensely supportive and inspiring. Can’t recommend him highly enough.

Anne Bury

Musician and music teacher

I had been having problems with my hamstrings for a number of months and as a footballer I was struggling to get fit for games. After a couple of sessions with Charlie, I have not had any problems since. I am so grateful for his work.

Martina Lindsay

Basildon FC and ex-England female footballer

How lucky to have found Charlie! After some years of shoulder pain and limited movement, I was in despair. As a life long sports addict, being active is an important part of my life. Charlie’s methodical approach, assessments, fortnightly email progressive exercises, has achieved improvements that no other could. Thank you big time!

Jan Thole

Retired Director of University Sport

Target Massage certainly hit the spot for me. I sustained a painful and persistent injury to a shoulder muscle following a fall and a broken arm. Although the arm was fixed i was not able to shake off the effects of the damaged muscle. I was recommended to go to Charlie and following a few weeks of treatment was pain free and back in the gym. His analytical approach to understanding the underlying problem, his treatment together with the confidence he inspires in repairing the damage is first class.

Jeff Carpenter

Retired Town Planner

Previous Projects

In September 2021 Charlie provided pre and post run therapy for the Granchester 10k fun run.

At the end of 2019 Charlie worked on band members of Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (OMD) before their Cambridge Corn Exchange gig and with Wayne Sleep during his Panto run at the Cambridge Arts Centre.

In 2018 Charlie worked on Kylie Minogue’s Golden Tour (UK) where he was sole therapist for the artist herself, dancers, band and backroom touring staff.

Previously he has worked on the X-Factor 2015 Live tour, the 2014 Kylie “Kiss Me Once Tour”, with the Cambridge University Tennis Team and the Brighton Half Marathon 2012 and 2014 working on the runners before and after the run. Charlie has worked extensively with Professional Dancers, he has worked as a therapist for the dancers on the X-Factor 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 Live tours. Charlie was the sole therapist for the European leg of Kylie’s Aphrodite Les Folies Tour in 2011 working on 18 performers, band, crew and artist herself.

Charlie has also worked on Kylie’s 2008 X Tour and in Production Rehearsals for Girls Aloud 2013 and Boyzone’s 2008 Tour.


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