2012 Olympic Torch relay

The 2012 London Olympics Torch relay comes to Cambridge

Cambridge was visited this Saturday on day 50 of the Olympic torch relay on it’s epic journey around the country. By the Olympics themselves this relay will have run the torch around the whole of the Uk coming within 10 miles of 95% it’s population which is quite some feat!

At the end of each day the last torch bearer lights a cauldron with their flame along with a 15 minute dance show to celebrate. This spectacular show includes commercial dance, hip-hop, breaking, street dance and acrobatics. Twist and Pulse are presenting the torch relay and performing their unique blend of comedy and street dance. In case you’ve forgotten them they came runners up in 2010’s Britain’s got talent.

So last Friday i went over to work on the dancers as soon as they arrived at their hotel in Cambridge from their Friday night show in Chelmsford. That is apart from Mr. Pulse (Glen Murphy) who i saw on the afternoon of the show due to his busy schedule preparing for the other Olympic events (such as the Basketball) that they are performing at.

As is usual with these things i had to work quickly and pin-point their most troublesome areas for treatment in the short 30-40 minute sessions each performer is allowed. This is always a great exercise to concentrate your mind as a therapist with the added aspect of the great variety of problems/injuries that dancers present with. This is especially the case when you throw some acrobatics into the mix! Another thing for me to consider was the fact that they had performed every day for 70 days/had just come from doing a show AND would be performing one the following day! Meaning that i had to find a level of depth to my work that would be effective yet not overly hard for these tired and overused bodies. This was still deeper than would work for many people however due to the fact that professional dancers are a tough bunch with bodies that are well used to pain!

Luckily for them the finishing straight is in sight now with just 16 days to go before the opening ceremony of the games themselves and the start of the UK’s glut of gold medals. Well, here’s wishing anyway!

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